Be the Star of Your Future

Let your limits of today be illusions. Invest in the desires of tomorrow.

Budgets? You Betcha!

Whether you're managing your own finances or your parents, learn how to create budgets like never before that make sense today and set you (and your family) up for success tomorrow!

Too Many Bills? Let's Strategize!

Develop a frame of mind where you're effortlessly staying on top of bills. With the skill set you'll acquire from fame's program you can kiss goodbye to late fees, increasing amounts of debt and low credit scores.
“Before entering college, my father lost his job which led myself and my 5 brothers and sisters to be homeless for three months. That very same year, I enrolled in fame’s educational course, which taught me about money. I took over my parents' finances, under budgeting, and now two years later, we purchased our home," Jose Altomari 

Jose Altomari Columbia University Sophomore


Drowning In Student Debt? Save Yourself!

Through fame's educational consultation you'll receive a curriculum tailored around managing and reducing your student loan payments. How so? By assessing your credit worthiness, payment options and providing you with top of the line job search assistance.

Unsure How To Invest? Don't Worry!

Catered for all age groups we'll provide you with a lesson plan that gives a high level overview of stock market and investing. We'll aim to cover core investment vocabulary, core investment concepts, how public companies are created and more!


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“The process of paying off my $48,000 student loan debt helped me evaluate what was really important to me. My dreams are defined. I know what I value, and I know my values...Once I paid it off, I felt a huge weight removed. Student loan debt keeps you tied to your past. I'm so grateful for fame’s program for allowing me to focus on my present and future.” Tatiana Chalas



Tatiana Chalas Fordham University Graduate